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If it takes ten thousand hours to achieve mastery, then

Nathan Lueth is a master caricaturist and then some.


 No one is totally sure where his life-long love of cartoons came from, but most experts agree that Nate got his start caricaturing after graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Realizing that there weren't many career paths for a BFA in Illustration in pizza delivery, he got a job drawing caricatures in The Mall of America. He quickly developed a proficiency with airbrushing, discovered that he had a knack for capturing likeness, and took great pleasure in making people laugh.

Nowadays he has over 15 years of experience doing live drawings at fairs, festivals, and private events. The laughter and joy that he brings to party and fair-goers will most likely keep him doing it for 15 more.

When life and limitations demand that he not draw sometimes, he enjoys reading comics and novels, watching movies, traveling, martial arts, and goofing off with his two awesome daughters.

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